At Earth Angel Sanctuary and Learning Center, we offer a wide variety of subjects, courses and workshops in metaphysical and metacognitive development.  Teachers are hand-selected based on their subject expertise, professionalism, and the rapport they develop with our school.  To enroll in classes or a course, go under "Calendar and Links" and subscribe to our Meetup or Facebook community.




Below are examples of our workshops which support continuing education in energy work, creativity and intuitive development.

  • Animal Connect-ions:  Assisted animal therapy program given by youth.
  • Parenting Course:  Offers support and education for Conscious Parenting.
  • Reiki:  Youth learn about the Japanese energy modality and receive attunement for the disciple.
  • SOUL Masterpieces (Sensing Our Universe through Love):  Youth use their creative abilities to express their Spirit.
  • Youth Creative Writer's Workshop - Meditation:  Youth experience the writing side of creating meditations and develop a professional CD for retail.


Are you interested in being a guest teacher?  Fill out the form under "Contact Us" and a member of our community will contact you within 48 hours.

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