Tonight, at Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center, the children were taught how to raise their vibrations. They were taught that your vibration, or the pattern of your thoughts, attitudes and actions, is what creates your reality. If you want to change what you experience then you need to change your vibration. And, then they were led by their parents through 5 interactive stations, one on each sense, where they explored ways to raise their vibrations. They were shown how different scents, sights, sounds, tastes, and items can change how you feel inside. For me, the scents of citrus always make me happy. The silk edge of a blanket brings back memories of my childhood. I love the sound of a singing bowl. Such easy stuff to change an attitude, which will change your reality. Perhaps we could all learn a little something here!  Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center has been an amazing adventure for us.  The children are all beautiful beings.  Watching them interact with each other is awesome.  There are age, gift and personality differences, but they are all respectful of each other - no matter the difference.  Eren, thank you for everything you do for our kids. - B.W. from Henderson, NV

Thank YOU so much!!!  We really had a great time.  I think this will be so helpful for our daughter (and our family).  I appreciate everything you do to keep this group going! YOU are an angel.  I loved meeting the other moms.  We can't wait for the next time! - A.L. from Henderson, NV

Thank you!  We are grateful to have found you and able to connect with other like minded families!  Such a blessing. - N.S. from Las Vegas, NV

I LOVE what you are doing!!! - D.T. from Henderson, NV

Amazing!! Both my girls felt so much energy during Animal Connect-ions.  They loved holding the animals.  Also,
they really like the energy of the whole group!!  We have such a great group and the kids have so much fun! - S.S. from Las Vegas, NV

My children and I participate in the Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center and we LOVE Eren and her energy.  She is genuinely compassionate and has the know how to truly change your life.  She is an amazing human being, put on this Earth to serve and be of service.  I cannot say enough great things about her! - D. C. from Las Vegas, NV

I love what you are doing with Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center - D.O. from Pahala, HI

It was great to meet you.  I think what you are doing is so important. - A.K.B. from Las Vegas, NV

I'm so thrilled about the work that you are doing with Psychic children and teaching children Reiki.  Keep up the wonderful work! - A.A. from San Diego, CA

Reiki Class -

My daughter had a great time! She talked about it all afternoon.  Thank you! - B.W. from Henderson, NV

The girls said they loved it and learned a lot. - S.S. from Las Vegas, NV

Parenting Course

I would like to share my experience with the "Seraphic Wisdom Family Series"" that was taught by Eren Nalani. Specifically the part where we went into the meditation at the end of the class. During the mediation I began rocking back and forth at the base of my hips it felt like a pulse vibrating upward. This was not the first time I have experience this and up until this point I didn't understand what was happening. As I was rocking back and forth I thought I will go within and asked, what is this?  So asked what is this? what is happening? when I asked, the rocking got a lot stronger to the point it startled me so I just abruptly stopped the rocking. Afterwards I asked Eren what does it mean when your rocking during a meditation? and she briefly explained that it is Kundalini. When I got home that evening I had a cake order to do because one of my talents is cake decorating and as I was decorating cupcakes for whatever reason I was suddenly moved to make Eren a cake that symbolized Earth Angels Sanctuary. I went on the computer for inspiration and I was immediately drawn to angel wings, the earth, kids full of joy, and the lotus flower. I knew the cake had to be in the shape of a heart. From there the creative ideas just flowed out of me so fast that I couldn't keep up with every thought this went on until 3:00am in the morning. I went into a sensory overload and I finally had to take a sleeping pill which I don't do very often but, my mind just would not calm down. I did however get clarity on what I needed to be teaching with my gifts. - C.C. from Henderson, NV

After taking the first module's energy, several days later I had a creative  and inspirational streak.  I had ideas to implement into my personal business and my son's fundraising event for his school.  Amazing energy attunement!! - S.B. from Las Vegas, NV

Earlier this week, I had a falling out with a teacher/mentor/friend and was supposed to attend her class tonight.  However, my friend told me no and I came to the family class instead.  I needed this class and was so glad to come.  The exercise changed my perception on things and made me feel so much lighter about the situation. - V.S. from Las Vegas, NV

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