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Live interview with Elena Risto (click her name)

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of Elena Risto to our sanctuary. She conducted a class on her shamanic practice of the Nordic and Celtic region. The children and their parents went into several shamanic journeys where they met their spirit animal, received guidance and merged with their animal companion.

The first journey took us to a place that each of us loves and holds dear to our heart; a sacred place. Here we saw anything and met anyone who showed up in our vision. I saw a man dressed in several layers of white fur and a huge Elk next to him and it was staring at me. We were next to a lake and the mountains surround us with no access to enter or leave. It was daybreak, right at the beginning of the sun touching the sky. You can see dew on the plants and trees, the steam from the sun touching the water, and the evaporation of your breath. All I could hear was the silence of nature and my breath moving deeply in a rhythmic pace. The Aurora Borealis was above our heads creating colors of pink, green, blue and purples.

On the second journey, I returned to meet the Elk who stepped forward to be my power animal. This is not an animal I usually become attracted to nor have ever received as a Guide. Immediately I was picking up right where we left off at from the first journey. This time, it was just me and my animal. Our breaths matching in unison and slowly, I merged with it. It was incredible!! The strength, courage and power of this animal. After class, I looked up the Elk from Animals-Speak by Ted Andrews. He defines Elk as Wapiti from the Shawnee Indians and is the most regal of animals in North America. Elk's power time is the fall and is noted for it's strength and nobility. It once col onized the whole United States, but was wiped out and now resides in the mountains of the west. Ted Andrews quotes, "The elk is an animal of great strength, power and stamina. It can run at a fast trotting pace for extended periods of time. One of its primary defenses is to outrun its predators. Elk can sustain a strong pace for great lengths of time. If an elk has come into your life it can mean that you are about to hit your stride..." Little did I know how spot on this information was and I should have prepared better for it.

On our third journey, each of us mimicked our animal and did a spirit dance. It was really neat to watch everyone move to the kinetics of their animal. You could almost guess exactly who everyone's guide was. I received great reviews of this class. In fact, one of my long-term families said it was one of the best. Thank you, Elena! We look forward to having you again.

About Elena Risto: from her website www.shamanicsong.com
Elena is Contemporary Shamanic Healer & Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Singer and Sound Healer who lives in Henderson, NV. She has a private practice in Henderson and is also an International teacher of Contemporary, Classic and Norse Shamanic practices.

As an energy healer, Elena has 30 years combined experience in Shamanic Healing, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and Sound Healing (Acutonics). She has been a professional singer for many years using her stage name of Laini Risto. Elena has studied for several years with international Shamanic teachers Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom; also the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

You can also listen to her as a radio co-host on the weekly internet radio show " Soul Chat LV " found at AllTalkRadio.net.

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