Sacred Spaces

Our guest speaker for June was Diana Christina on Sacred Spaces. Last fall, she taught an Angel Card Reading class using her training and teachings from Doreen Virtue. Each child received a personal reading from Diana plus paired up to practice on each other. Not that this is any surprise, but they were "naturals"! My son enjoyed himself and this tool that he asked for a deck as a Christmas present. Diana has other expertise; she currently works in the medical profession, maps out Soul Contracts from the Center for Conscious Ascension, Seraphim Practitioner and attuning to Solfeggio frequencies.

As she was addressing the children, I was instantly drawn back into a memory of my childhood youth. One of the most important Sacred Spaces for me was my nightstand; however, I used it more as an altar. It had a white table runner with a Precious Moment crucifix, incense, a box holding sentimental valuables, oils and the bible. Inside the drawer, I had books of "magic"; mysticism of different cultures ranging from Celtic, Native American to Wiccan. Yes, it might seem like a table of contradictions, but in a child's mind, it was all the same...and it is. Looking around the room, I noticed the parents had a glazed, happy look on their face; touching the inner child within.

Diana shared that Sacred Spaces doesn't have to be religious in nature, but for some of us; it is. It means honoring something, someone, something special and YOU. It is a special space that you created just for you - to honor you. In our world and programming, we are taught to do for others; interacting with the world and people around us. However, those of you who are sensitive; this can be very draining for you physically and emotionally. Providing a sacred space offers a place to recharge, center, ground yourself and bring peace.

Sacred Spaces can be within oneself or physical area . Creating sacred space within allows one to reconnect with your authentic self. The effects leave you feeling grounded, calm and relaxed by listening to your inner voice and heart. When one creates a physical space, it helps us to tap into and link with our inner space. A physical space is a direct reflection of inner beauty. Objects are chosen to connect to your soul. They are symbolic of happiness, peacefulness, inspiration or positive energy. Examples of objects could be bright or lower lighting; sounds of chimes, music or nature; smells from flowers, oils or herbs; or bringing nature indoors like plants, flowers, rocks or water.

After the class, the children were eager to create their sacred space at home. Hopefully, after reading this, you might feel the same or inspire your child to do this. Below are some suggestions for your child's sacred space.

Picture of loved ones, special person or a place you visited or wanted to visit someday
Flameless candle
Music (meditation, nature or soft sounds)
Positive affirmations
Gratitude Journal
Favorite toy

Night Stand or sort of altar
Corner of closet or in your room
Shoebox (protects your things)

Diana remind me how simple it is to create these spaces; however, we forget to utilize this knowledge. Going into your sacred space doesn't have to be time-consuming, just 5 minutes a day is effective enough. Quality time to honor yourself is one of the highest expression of love. Thank you, Diana!

Wishing you enough-
Eren Nalani

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