What does "sensitive" mean?

The  term "sensitive" refers to individuals that have heightened awareness in one or several of the senses.  These sensitivities allow them to perceive the world with a deeper understanding and knowledge that seems foreign to most people.  When one has a heightened sixth sense, they are called Clair's, as in clairvoyance.

For example, their sense of feeling might be their primary receptor.  These individuals feel things that most other don't or they are sensitive to energies of people, places or objects.  They struggle being in public places or crowds where the energies are overwhelming.  In these cases, they get anxiety and phobias if they don't practice healthy boundaries dealing with their sensitivity.  Sometimes they can be labeled with mental illness or learning disabilities, but as a parent, you might feel differently.

This is just the same as all the other senses such as hearing, seeing, etc.  Therefore, it is very important to be alert to sensory stimulus in their environment at home as well as the outside world.  We might not be able to control the influences outside our home, but within it, we can give them a place of security and decompression.

Do you require my child(ren) or family to be intuitive?  

No.  If you are open to Metaphysics or seek to learn about intuitive abilities, then this group is for you.  We do not turn away any child or family unit wishing to grow on their spiritual journey.  With that said, this space is reserved for intuitive children to express themselves openly without judgment, criticism or prejudice.  This space is a sanctuary for love, nurturing and compassion.

In fact, we all have intuitive abilities to some extent on the spectrum.  The range can be from a clear, direct communication and contact with your Spirit Team to a "gut feeling" you have one day driving to work that you are going to be in an accident.  An example of this broad spectrum is some children are born with the gifts and talents of a highly trained adult. They are called Child Prodigies and these individuals would be like a Mozart in Music or a Picasso in Art or a Bobby Fischer in Chess. Other individuals have to learn and develop those skills with practice and training over periods of time.  This works the same with intuitive abilities - some are born with them and others must learn them.  It is like a muscle that has to be used and conditioned to respond to our "6th Sense".  Just like our other 5 senses, we use it daily and it is a part of Who We Are.  Your intuition is a part of Who You Are too.  It is very natural and easy to develop (with practice); otherwise, they wouldn't call it one of the senses!

What age group do you serve?

The age group is open from infants to young adult and their family members.  All are welcome.

Reiki certifications are broken up into age groups because of the difference in the development of the children.  It gives them an opportunity to share with peers.

We hope to offer different sections based on age and intuitive abilities i.e. Empath/Clairsentient, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claricognizance, etc.

How do we participate?

Great question!   You can participate in-person, on-line or teleconference by phone.

You can access our "Classroom Blogs" that goes over a topic featured by our guest speaker. However, if you are looking for more interaction and a sense of community, come visit one of our classes or community projects.

If you aren't into the social gathering, I offer Skype one-on-one assistance through the coaching programs or we can customize a program for your child or family needs.

You may contact us for workshops or speaking engagements.  You may message us here by using our contact form.

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