This year we will focusing on more of our classroom events and give you an opportunity to enter our world. Below is a list of our guest speakers (love donation event), workshops and fee based classes.

January 10th - Raising Your Vibration with Vanessa Sandoval & Eren Nalani
January 24th - SOUL Masterpieces with Medicine Man Sean "Walking Bear" Mah

February 7th - Ambulance for Earth Angels with Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
February 15th - SOUL Masterpieces with Brenda West & Eren Nalani
February 28th - Life Without Limbs with Nick Vujicic 

March 7th - Animal Communication with Peggy Ashman
March 7th - Introduction to Superhuman Challenge for Families with Paul Tjiernia
March 22nd - Animal Connect-ions Shark Reef Aquarium with Victoria DeLa Torre, Peggy Ashman & Eren Nalani

April 11th - The Emotion Code with Kenzie Brown
April 19th - Animal Connect-ions Henderson Saddle Association with Kenzie Brown & Eren Nalani

May 9th - Empath Class with Vanessa Sandoval
May 16th - The Art of Gratitude with Candi Ciensenski

June 6th - Sacred Spaces with Diana Christina
June 8th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 1)
June 14th - SOUL Masterpieces with Shannon Beckham
June 15th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 2)
June 22nd - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 3)
June 29th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 4)

July 6th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 5)
July 11th - Meet your Spirit Guides Rev. Eren Nalani
July 13th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 6)
*July 18th - Drum Circle with Jeff Trower
July 20th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 7)
July 25th - SOUL Masterpieces with Brenda West
July 27th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 8)

*August 1st - How to Heal Your Broken Heart with Dr. Z
August 3rd - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 9)
August 8th - Spirit Animal & Shamanic Journey with Elena Risto
August 10th - Youth Summer Reiki Program (Week 10)
August 15th - The Ancient Art of Ear Coning with Kenzie Brown
August 22nd - SOUL Masterpieces: Prayer Flags - Create with Sacred Intention with Peggy Ashman
August 29th - I Am Sound with Kian Hakkanshan

September 5th - Chakras with Jeannie Barry Sawyer 
*September 19th - Emotion Code with Kenzie Brown
September 19th - BASIC Animal Connect-ions with Eren Nalani
September 26th - Animal Connect-ions with Kenzie Brown

October 3rd - Auras with Vanessa Sandoval
October 16-18th - Parliament of World Religions Convention @ Salt Lake City, UT
October 31st - SOUL Masterpieces - Create smudge sticks and feathers

November 14th - Light Language with Vanessa Lamorte 

December 5th- Metaphysical Fair and Holiday Potluck                                                                                                                                                                             December 19th - Youth Writer's Workshop: Meditation

*class credited to Earth Angels Network

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