Meet with your Spirit Guides

The first class of July featured our Director, Eren Nalani, on topic of Meet with your Spirit Guides. The class learned about what are spirit guides, who has spirit guides, why do we have them, and how to communicate/interact with them. At the end of class, each child and parent met one of their personal guides to discover their purpose to work with them.

What are Spirit Guides? They are non-physical beings that assist us on different aspects of your life and where you desire to go. We have more than one; multiple at a time. The main types of guides are 1) permanent/long-term; 2) temporary/short-term; and 3)specific. Permanent guides are beings who are contracted with you from birth until you cross over. Temporary ones are guides serve you during phases or sections of your life such as childhood, divorce, education/career, etc. Specific guides are those who deal in very precise duties and jobs such as Relationships, Soul's Calling, Timing, Psychic/Healer, and on and on and on...

The best way to relate how they all work together is using the metaphor of the medical profession. Most people visit a general or family doctor because they have a well-rounded skill and know of little bit about everything. However, sometimes when knowledge and skill needs to be called upon outside of their expertise; they send you to a specific doctor such as a Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, etc. for your specific problem.

Who has Spirit Guides? We all do!! They are not just for some, but all of us. We have many throughout our lifetime; some stay our whole lifetime, some pop in-and-out, or some come to visit us once. They even change based on the decisions we make for ourselves.

Why do we have Spirit Guides?
To help us with our personal soul contracts and missions. Before we came here, we decided on certain experiences, interactions and relationships to master. They help and remind us of those choices, issues we desire to "lighten" up, assist us (behind the scenes) in creating our world, and guide us to where we want to go in this life and the next.

For example, I like to use the imagery of a maze. As you are on your journey, you come to a fork or path to go either left or right. You can only see what's in front of you, but your guides rests above and see the whole maze including the center; where you want to be. They see the best route to get there and send you impulses/intuitive signals to guide you.

How do communicate to us? Through our dreams, synchronicity or symbols. If you are wanting something more physical or concrete, you will have sensations or visceral reactions like angel bumps (goosebumps). Also, you can visit them yourself by raising your vibration (techniques from our first class of 2015) and meditate within.

The best way to work with your spirit guides is to start off with a "yes" or "no" question. Pick a one basic them or item per question. Remember to be honest and authentic and to focus on the energy of the question. Our thoughts and words carry vibration so you need to be clear; meaning mind, body and spirit completely focused on the question. For instance, if you are asking a question about pursuing a career, but you are focusing your energy on a situation you had with your partner; it will answer the energy pertaining to your partner.

Receiving information varies from person to person. It is dependent upon how our bio-energetic body interprets intuitive information. For example, if you know you are clairvoyant; you will receive your information through symbols, pictures and visions. Clairaudients would receive through songs, thoughts or voices in your head. Clarisentients would feel the answers and Claircognizents would know with surety and confidence at that particular moment.

How does your intuition receive? Use one of the clairs above, find a meditation specifically for meeting your spirit guide and journey on your own. Enjoy!

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