House Code

While you are here; we have codes of conduct to keep the synchronicity and flow we have created.  Please honor and respect these guidelines whether you are checking us out or a member of our community.  We are mixing our ancestors way of life with contemporary living using the motto, "It takes a village to raise a child."  Everyone is expected to practice mindful living.

- All shoes are to be removed while in the sanctuary.  We practice Earthing and culture traditions from Hawaii
- All teachers, parents and adults will be addressed with respect using Mr. or Ms. "First Name"
i.e. Mrs. Eren or Mr. Curtis
- No bullying, aggression or judgment is to be against another.  As an Earth Angels you are expect to conduct yourself in that fashion.
- Adults are expected to stay and engage with your children and the program.  This is the walk of Conscious Parenting.
- Bring a meal or dish to share.  We have community involvement after our class.  This is expected off all families including teachers and guest speakers.

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