Got Chakras, Now What ?!

chakra chakra 2Our Guest Speaker for the month of September was Jeannie Barry Sawyer.  The class learned about clearing and balancing their own chakras using mantras and mudras as the tool.  I have enclosed the handouts for you to read and do this at home (pictures are courtesy of Ms. Jeannie).

Chakras - energetic centers in the shape of a vortex or spinning wheel within the body that govern a particular aspect of consciousness.  Such as the crown chakra, located on the top of the head, governs your connection to the Creator, Higher Self, and the Divine.  Also, it symbolizes detachment from illusions (our physical world).  It controls the pineal and pituitary gland.  This chakra is represented in the color white or violet.

Mantras - is a word, thought, or sound that is repeated to help in concentration during a meditation or affirmation.  For example, OM.

Mudras - a symbolic or ritual gesture of a spiritual practice to effect the flow of energy within one's body.  For example, yoga uses the body and breath to move prana (energy).

Using the mudra picture, the children used each hand position and hummed the tone for that specific chakra 3 times.  Moving from the root to the crown, lifted the energetic vibrations of the children and the room.   Some of the children felt the need to revisit a chakra, mudra and tone since they felt it needed more energy for the chakra to spin.

Give it a try.  There are many other ways to clear and balance your chakras.  Leave a comment below on ways you clear and balance your own.

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