Essential Oils

Our featured Guest Artist was Shannon Beckham on essential oils and how they relate to our intuitive senses. In our class, the children learned about uses, benefits, extraction methods, safety information and aromatic description of several oils. We did several fun exercises, but one that offered comfort was smelling different scented cotton balls and unlocking experiences or memories we associate to smells. While some thought of a summer day, eating fruit; another thought of wood polish and how they dislike housecleaning.

Smells are very powerful and engrain into our psyche. Sometimes, I even smell Pikake (Hawaiian Flowering Lei) and instantly, I am propelled into memories of my Tutu (grandmother), as a child, swimming at the beach or picking mangos. Sometimes smells are so specific that they trigger even hidden or forgotten memories that either bring happiness or sadness.

Essential oils (aromotherapy) offer many benefits, but understanding the proper handling is necessary to provide safe handling practices. Essential oils can be harmful if ingested. Therefore, please read and be knowledgable before allowing your child to handel them. Overall, they are so potent that one drop of chamomille oil is equivelent to 30 cups of chamoille tea! Thats impressive.

I included a recipe of Lavendar Body Whip we made for our class.

Put 4 cups of coconut oil in mixer bowl (refrigerate so oil is hardened)
Add 10 drops of Lavendar Oil

Turn on mixer and whip for about 10 minutes or until light and fluffy. Put into containers and store in fridge or somewhere cool. Lather on your body to relax at night.

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