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IMG_2502 IMG_0465 IMG_0441 IMG_0439 IMG_0437This September we had the honor of Kenzie Brown to our sanctuary.  She has been a previous guest speaker on several subjects, but the one that is most popular is the Emotion Code.  Not only do we practice on each other, but we take these resources into the field and used it during our Animal Connect-ions workshops.  Animal Connect-ions is utilizing energy medicine with animal therapy.  The Emotion Code has assisted our students when working with horses as well as their pets.

The Emotion Code is a simplistic technique, but very powerful.  This is probably one of the reasons it is so popular.  It only takes a few seconds to uncover a hidden emotion or trauma buried within our subconsciousness.  Also, it only takes a few seconds to release the block from the person holding onto it.  The Emotion Code was created by Bradley Nelson to release baggage that often results in spontaneous healing of the physical body, self-destruction and relationship issues.

Bradley offers 5 suggestions one should know on how to use the Emotion Code correctly (www.drbradleynelson.com):

  • Trapped emotions are identified one at a time; not in groups or bundles
  • To release the pain, each trapped emotion must be identified as a single and separate energy
  • The Emotion Code is a very precise method
  • Let the body tell you how much Emotion Code to do is a session
  • The body needs a few days to process trapped emotions after they are released

Here are some pictures of our work.  To learn more about the Emotion Code, visit www.drbradleynelson.com.  To find a practitioner, visit http://kenziebrownbuzz.blogspot.com.

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