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Our drum circle featured guest artist, Jeff Trower, of Community Producations. Community Productions mission is to promote social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through music. In our efforts to create a strong community, we enrich the lives of individuals through the implementation of recreational and supportive music.

Community Productions brings organizations an effective, fun and lively experience to inspire groups, synergize events and build teams. A Community Production drum circle is a group of people having fun creating simple parts on a chorus of tuned drums, percussion and musical instruments. The simple act of playing music together profoundly teaches the skills inherent in becoming a strong and thriving community.

This class was amazing at building teamwork, leadership, following and family unity. Out of all the drum circles I have attended, this one brought a new and contemporary flavor to what most of us think when we hear the word "Drum Circle". Our children took turns in leadership roles as well as following the sound of the group to work together as one cohensive unit. Parents got to support their children and become of part of the sound foundation. We learned that listening with our hearts and ears is just as valuable as watching each other.

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