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Light Language Playshop


Vanessa Lamorte

We had the great pleasure of having Vanessa Lamorte. She is the author of "Anima Lingua". Her Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University focused on Light Language. You can visit her resources on YouTube and Her workshop featured light language which she breaks down into three components; speaking, signing and writing. Sometimes, when one hears Light Language, they automatically assume it is star, galactic or ET language. Yes, it is remnants and pieces of the Universe; however, it is so much more than that. It is the language of the Soul. If you think back to your childhood or pay attention to children, they babble or make up a unique language foreign to us. This is the way a soul expresses the Self in its authentic essence and pure joy of the heart. Sometimes it might sound like another language or a blend of cultures. My daughter writes all kinds of unique symbols over her paper. One day, she filled the paper over and over with 3 or 4 symbols. When I looked at the paper, it was overly busy and complicated that I could not focus and got a headache. The energy felt very scattered like some people we may know ūüôā I had Vanessa look at it and she felt the same impression, but could help pin point the foundation of the energetic signature.

Even though this workshop was geared for the children, it was so easy for the parents to participate. The class was very powerful especially during the exercise involving ancient symbols and feeling the energy of each one. A few symbols involved the elements and I was pleased to know that I tapped into the write element. I could visually see a scene or feel the element within my body. For the element of fire, I got the image of lava moving between the ground and cracking open the Earth. I could feel heat moving through my body and I started to get hot. Then, she introduced other symbols that I have never seen before. However, I was not expecting to react to them with such an emotional stir. When I placed my hand on a symbol, I was immediately taken back to early indigenous civilizations like the Mayan, Aztec and Inca times during the human sacrificing rituals. The scene played before me was very depressing. I tried to hold back tears, but I could not stop my body from feeling. Therefore, I just honored the process, left the room and released the tears to its fullest extent.

Even though, I am sharing my point of view, I know the children had amazing experiences as well.  I may not be able to speak for them, but just sitting in the room and listening to everyone's story was very neat.  Parents and their children shared similar visions when they tapped into a symbol which was very fascinating.  It was awesome to see all of us were in synch with our intuition and feeling the symbols.  Thank you, Vanessa for faciliating this class.  Vanessa has a beautiful gift of playing a harp and singing in light language. I have enclosed her audio and pictures from our workshop. To learn more about light language, please visit her webpage and search til your heart is content online.

SOUL Masterpieces: Smudge and Feathers

Many indigenous cultures and traditions around the world have some form of clearing, protection and sacred ceremony using the elements from the Earth.  "With the discovery of fire, early humans began to notice that aromatic smoke was produced by burning dried plants. As herbs, roots, resins and barks are changed from their physical form (of this world), they are changed by the element of fire into smoke (spirit world form). This transformation is evidence of the spirit within substances. Throughout human history aromatic plants have been used in the daily activities of people from every culture.," (Taos, 2010).  Native Americas use different leaves such as sage, tobacco, sweet grass to smoke out negativity.  Polynesians use salt for clearing and kava to drink as a hallucinogen for dreamtime; very similar to Peyote to Native Americas.  Asians uses different herbs inside teas to absorb Chi into the body system quickly.  Tulsi is used as an Ayurvedic tonic for anti-depression and immunity booster.  Even religions like Catholism utilize incense like frankincense and myrrh to transport their prayers up to Christ.

The Earth and it's elements are very sacred; they are medicine.  If one was to interview a medicine man/woman of indigenous cultures, he/she would tell you that weeds are considered the medicinal plants to the area.  Even the animal in the surrounding land are medicine for the people.  The Earth provides all the resources people need to live off the land with abundance, prosperity, health and security.  However, our connection to the plants, animals and Earth are being forgotten.  With the change of lifestyles, advancements in technology, and pharmaceutical manufacturing; we are drifting further and further away from our connection to the land.  We are losing our connection to life and the physical components naturally offered to our health and spirit.

Many of the conscious children have that understanding of our connection to the Earth.  Over time, our society trains them to supplement a different way of life causing a less connected, less compassionate world.  At Earth Angels, the parents and children recognize the need to enrich our lives with the abundance of Mother Earth.  Most of our children enjoy the classes geared around indigenous cultures, their way of life and spirituality.  After leaving the Parliament of World Religions in October, the children shared their best experiences of worldly exposures.  One of the most memorable experiences was the moment they were embraced by the Havasu tribe.  They were invited to sit in on a sacred ceremony with chanting, rattles, and medicine from the animals, plants, fire and earth.  Therefore, we created a SOUL Masterpiece class on making our own smudge stick using the medicine of the plants and feathers using the medicine of the animals.  I have enclosed pictures of the masterpieces the children did of their smudge sticks and feathers.

Are you interested in creating your own smudge stick and feather?  The first step is to ask permission of the land.  In Hawaii, we use a chant to call in the god for the plant and animal kingdom.  Other indigenous cultures have a similar ritual; however, all can agree to ask permission is the most important step.  Many cultures recognize that spirits live inside each form of matter.  When one goes into the state of ritual, prayer or meditation; you are accessing your spirit to connect with another spirit.  Once permission is granted, you may begin to harvest your needs.  Gathering is part of the discipline; the ceremony and ritual.  Everything Earth Angels used was gathered by someone in our group.  Next, you will need supplies.  You may send me a comment or email on the materials you need to make these beautiful pieces.  However, it is just as convenient to go on YouTube and find instructions.  When you are ready to create your pieces, you should put yourself and spirit into a place of peace where you are allowing your intuition to guide you on the components of your pieces.  Our group did a meditation where we saw our spirit animal, plants, elements and colors to utilize for our pieces.  Finally, you will create your pieces to enjoy, display or use to your desire.

Feathers feathers1 feathers2 feathers3


Taos Herb Company, 2010.  About Sacred & Blessing Herbs.  Retrieved on October 27, 2015.



Our guest speaker for October was Vanessa Sandoval.  We've had the pleasure of having her at our sanctuary for several different classes such as Rocking the Universe with Crystals, Empath Class for Children, and Raise Your Vibration.  She accompanied us to the Parliament of World Religions later that month.  She is an active member and teacher to our community.  We are very grateful to have her.  Thank you, Vanessa!

This class focused Auras.  We learned about the different auric bodies; physical plane, bridge and spiritual plane.  Each plane holds auric layers.  The physical plane holds the current physical, emotional and mental body.  They are referred to as the etheric layer, emotional layer and mental layer.  The bridge holds the astral layer; thus, the body between the physical and spiritual realm.  The term one one's spirit travels between this bridge is called Astro-traveling.  It is the bridge of what indigenous cultures call dreamtime, journey, etc.  The spiritual plane contains the past physical (etheric template layer), past emotional (celestial layer) and the past mental (ketheric layer).  Each layer touches and flows into the next layer; thus, they are interconnected and effect each other throughout the body and chakras.  The energetic extension of the layers starts at the etheric layer which runs from 1/4-2" from your body.  Then, your aura extends up to 3 1/2' from your body at the ketheric template.  It has been said that one could sense Buddha's aura 6 miles away!

Those who can view the aura with the naked eye are picking up the energetic states of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our body processes through energy centers called chakras.  Each chakra governs an aspect of consciousness that reflect our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.  One way to practice viewing auras is to place your hand against a white background.  Also, you can practice by viewing someone against a background too for example your teacher during a lecture.  Relax your eyes and use your peripheral vision to gaze a few inches around the body.  You can see the haze, glow or outline around the body.  Personally, I like to look around the head for it is easier for me to view.  Some might see colors and other can see the outline.  Some people like to close their eyes and intuitively sense the color with their third eye.  If this is difficult for you, I recommend trying to train your eyes and brain development with Magic Eye books.  It helps with the coordination and relaxation of peripheral vision.

Feel free to write a comment about how you view auras and techniques that work for you.


Emotion Code

IMG_2502 IMG_0465 IMG_0441 IMG_0439 IMG_0437This September we had the honor of Kenzie Brown to our sanctuary.  She has been a previous guest speaker on several subjects, but the one that is most popular is the Emotion Code.  Not only do we practice on each other, but we take these resources into the field and used it during our Animal Connect-ions workshops.  Animal Connect-ions is utilizing energy medicine with animal therapy.  The Emotion Code has assisted our students when working with horses as well as their pets.

The Emotion Code is a simplistic technique, but very powerful.  This is probably one of the reasons it is so popular.  It only takes a few seconds to uncover a hidden emotion or trauma buried within our subconsciousness.  Also, it only takes a few seconds to release the block from the person holding onto it.  The Emotion Code was created by Bradley Nelson to release baggage that often results in spontaneous healing of the physical body, self-destruction and relationship issues.

Bradley offers 5 suggestions one should know on how to use the Emotion Code correctly (

  • Trapped emotions are identified one at a time; not in groups or bundles
  • To release the pain, each trapped emotion must be identified as a single and separate energy
  • The Emotion Code is a very precise method
  • Let the body tell you how much Emotion Code to do is a session
  • The body needs a few days to process trapped emotions after they are released

Here are some pictures of our work.  To learn more about the Emotion Code, visit  To find a practitioner, visit

Got Chakras, Now What ?!

chakra chakra 2Our Guest Speaker for the month of September was Jeannie Barry Sawyer.  The class learned about clearing and balancing their own chakras using mantras and mudras as the tool.  I have enclosed the handouts for you to read and do this at home (pictures are courtesy of Ms. Jeannie).

Chakras - energetic centers in the shape of a vortex or spinning wheel within the body that govern a particular aspect of consciousness.  Such as the crown chakra, located on the top of the head, governs your connection to the Creator, Higher Self, and the Divine.  Also, it symbolizes detachment from illusions (our physical world).  It controls the pineal and pituitary gland.  This chakra is represented in the color white or violet.

Mantras - is a word, thought, or sound that is repeated to help in concentration during a meditation or affirmation.  For example, OM.

Mudras - a symbolic or ritual gesture of a spiritual practice to effect the flow of energy within one's body.  For example, yoga uses the body and breath to move prana (energy).

Using the mudra picture, the children used each hand position and hummed the tone for that specific chakra 3 times.  Moving from the root to the crown, lifted the energetic vibrations of the children and the room.   Some of the children felt the need to revisit a chakra, mudra and tone since they felt it needed more energy for the chakra to spin.

Give it a try.  There are many other ways to clear and balance your chakras.  Leave a comment below on ways you clear and balance your own.

I Am Sound


Ghezung Hands to play Ghezung Ghezung Ghezung GhezungOur Guest Artist, Kian Hassakhan, is a musician and Reiki Practioner who infuses his energy work into music.  He did an amazing performance with his Guzheng.  A Guzheng (pronounced Goo-Zheng) is an ancient Chinese instrument from the Qin dynasty (before 206 BC).  This beautiful string instrument is tuned to 444 Hz (see below) and creates a hypnotic sound that resonates through your body.  I have included pictures of his Guzheng.

Kian shared about sound and how it affects the body.  Today, sound therapy is one of the leading forms of alternative medicine.  Major research and developments have been made using music, sounds and vibrations to help anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer, and other mental and physical disorders.  Sound doesn't only effect our ears, but our entire body.  Since we are made up of 60% of water, sound travels faster through water than the air.  With all of our organs and blood sitting inside our body cavity, the sound vibrates these tissues and changes the frequency of our being.

Nikola Tesla stated, "... if only you knew the magnificence of the 3,6, and 9, then you would hold the key to the universe." Any frequencies that are easily divisible by 3,6 and 9 are in harmony with our body, mind and spirit.  They are the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies.  These core frequencies were used by ancient priest and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessing for themselves and others.  Each Solfeggio tone helps to balance your energy and keep your body in alignment.  However, these frequencies lost their popularity due to other tuning methods such as our music today at 440 Hz versus 444 Hz.  440 Hz is not in harmony with us (can't be divided by 3,6, or 9) and promotes closed-minded thinking.  444 Hz tuning is more soothing and inspiring for listeners worldwide.

A man named Dr. Joseph Puleo discovered the six original tone through intuitive guidance and the Book of Numbers.  The six tones are:

396 Hz - turning grief into joy, liberating guild and fear

417 Hz - undoing situations and facilitating change

528 Hz - transformation, miracles and repairing DNA

639 Hz - relationship, connecting with spiritual family

741 Hz - expression/solutions, cleaning and solving

852 Hz - returning to spiritual order

If this interests you, here are a few exercises you can do at home that are cost effective and provide the healing results.  Listen to Solfeggio tones in ascending or descending order, vocalize the sound of "Omi" or "Ah", listen to Gregorian and Sanskrit chants, chant or sing yourself, listen to harmonious music tuned to 432 Hz or 444 Hz.  You can visit YouTube to access a particular frequency mentioned above or visit



All information was supplied by Kian Hassakhan

Spirit Animal & Shamanic Journey

Live interview with Elena Risto (click her name)

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of Elena Risto to our sanctuary. She conducted a class on her shamanic practice of the Nordic and Celtic region. The children and their parents went into several shamanic journeys where they met their spirit animal, received guidance and merged with their animal companion.

The first journey took us to a place that each of us loves and holds dear to our heart; a sacred place. Here we saw anything and met anyone who showed up in our vision. I saw a man dressed in several layers of white fur and a huge Elk next to him and it was staring at me. We were next to a lake and the mountains surround us with no access to enter or leave. It was daybreak, right at the beginning of the sun touching the sky. You can see dew on the plants and trees, the steam from the sun touching the water, and the evaporation of your breath. All I could hear was the silence of nature and my breath moving deeply in a rhythmic pace. The Aurora Borealis was above our heads creating colors of pink, green, blue and purples.

On the second journey, I returned to meet the Elk who stepped forward to be my power animal. This is not an animal I usually become attracted to nor have ever received as a Guide. Immediately I was picking up right where we left off at from the first journey. This time, it was just me and my animal. Our breaths matching in unison and slowly, I merged with it. It was incredible!! The strength, courage and power of this animal. After class, I looked up the Elk from Animals-Speak by Ted Andrews. He defines Elk as Wapiti from the Shawnee Indians and is the most regal of animals in North America. Elk's power time is the fall and is noted for it's strength and nobility. It once col onized the whole United States, but was wiped out and now resides in the mountains of the west. Ted Andrews quotes, "The elk is an animal of great strength, power and stamina. It can run at a fast trotting pace for extended periods of time. One of its primary defenses is to outrun its predators. Elk can sustain a strong pace for great lengths of time. If an elk has come into your life it can mean that you are about to hit your stride..." Little did I know how spot on this information was and I should have prepared better for it.

On our third journey, each of us mimicked our animal and did a spirit dance. It was really neat to watch everyone move to the kinetics of their animal. You could almost guess exactly who everyone's guide was. I received great reviews of this class. In fact, one of my long-term families said it was one of the best. Thank you, Elena! We look forward to having you again.

About Elena Risto: from her website
Elena is Contemporary Shamanic Healer & Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Singer and Sound Healer who lives in Henderson, NV. She has a private practice in Henderson and is also an International teacher of Contemporary, Classic and Norse Shamanic practices.

As an energy healer, Elena has 30 years combined experience in Shamanic Healing, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and Sound Healing (Acutonics). She has been a professional singer for many years using her stage name of Laini Risto. Elena has studied for several years with international Shamanic teachers Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom; also the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

You can also listen to her as a radio co-host on the weekly internet radio show " Soul Chat LV " found at

Heal Your Broken Heart

Live interview with Dr. Z (click her name)

August's Guest Speaker was the amazing Dr. Lynne Zimmerman. Our class was on "Heal Your Broken Heart" with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Children, as well as adults, experience a broken heart by our feelings getting hurt and sometimes feel that they don't have the power to change it. However, they do. Dr. Lynne introduced the Emotional Freedom Technique, reffered to as Tapping, to help our class release these pent-up feelings and change our vibrational frequency. Think of a satellite dish moving at a small degree, which may seem slight or like nothing. However, the frequency or ripple going out effects a greater degree, almost infinite.

EFT is an easy way to feel calmer and relaxed in a short amount of time. It is not costly and provides quick results in a matter of a few breaths. The one thing I really admired about this stress reducing exercise is you can do it anywhere, even in public, without others knowing that your on a verge of an emotional outbreak. Using your fingers to tap pressure points in the face, body or hand has been my savior during rough days at work. For children, it is fun especially when they do the underarm technique - tapping right under your armpits like a monkey.

Below, I have enclosed some interesting facts about EFT supplied by Dr. Z. Her classes always draw a great interest and I notice everyone leaves feeling lighter and happier. So, give it try! Teach your child or yourself a new tool to release your suffering and burdens. You will thank yourself later for it!

Some interesting facts of EFT or Tapping:
Reduces cortisol levels by 24% in just one session. Cortisol is a steroid hormone released by the adrenal glands when one experiences stress or low blood-glucose concentration.
Helps us to feel calm by connecting us with our inner self, our voice of wisdom.
Aids in stabilizing our heart; creating a smooth heart rhythm.
Calms the fear center in the brain. When the fear center is quiet, then the healing and helping systems in our body, in every cell of our body and our brain can go to work, helping us to feel better, calmer, happier, more like our True Self.
Assist us to see deeper answers for what’s bothering us.

About Dr. Z (from her website

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman is the author of Heal Yourself: Using the Proven Mind-Body Connection. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Zimmerman illustrates with brain mapping studies, how the natural plastic processes of the brain can be used for human healing and change. For the past ten years, Dr. Zimmerman has researched brain plasticity, redefining mind-body energy medicine processes that create a new brain map for emotional and physical transformation.

Dr. Zimmerman studied biology and psychology at the University of Minnesota. She holds a B.Sc. in Human Biology and a professional degree in Chiropractic and physiotherapy from Texas Chiropractic College, where she studied orthopedic and neurology, and graduated with honors. She completed post-graduate studies in EFT, NLP, hypnotherapy and medical hypnosis at the Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland, CA. Dr. Z. practiced physical medicine for nine years before transitioning to energy medicine.

Dr. Zimmerman works with clients to heal and transform pain and personal limitations at the deepest levels of the human being: the unconscious programmed responses that create self-sabotage; the brain wiring that limits our happiness and success; the neural chemistry that influences our emotions; the buried memories that continue to shape our present and our future; and at the cellular level, the internal messages that determine our physical vitality and youthfulness or fatigue and early aging.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle 2 Drum Circle 3 Drum Circle

Our drum circle featured guest artist, Jeff Trower, of Community Producations. Community Productions mission is to promote social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through music. In our efforts to create a strong community, we enrich the lives of individuals through the implementation of recreational and supportive music.

Community Productions brings organizations an effective, fun and lively experience to inspire groups, synergize events and build teams. A Community Production drum circle is a group of people having fun creating simple parts on a chorus of tuned drums, percussion and musical instruments. The simple act of playing music together profoundly teaches the skills inherent in becoming a strong and thriving community.

This class was amazing at building teamwork, leadership, following and family unity. Out of all the drum circles I have attended, this one brought a new and contemporary flavor to what most of us think when we hear the word "Drum Circle". Our children took turns in leadership roles as well as following the sound of the group to work together as one cohensive unit. Parents got to support their children and become of part of the sound foundation. We learned that listening with our hearts and ears is just as valuable as watching each other.

Meet with your Spirit Guides

The first class of July featured our Director, Eren Nalani, on topic of Meet with your Spirit Guides. The class learned about what are spirit guides, who has spirit guides, why do we have them, and how to communicate/interact with them. At the end of class, each child and parent met one of their personal guides to discover their purpose to work with them.

What are Spirit Guides? They are non-physical beings that assist us on different aspects of your life and where you desire to go. We have more than one; multiple at a time. The main types of guides are 1) permanent/long-term; 2) temporary/short-term; and 3)specific. Permanent guides are beings who are contracted with you from birth until you cross over. Temporary ones are guides serve you during phases or sections of your life such as childhood, divorce, education/career, etc. Specific guides are those who deal in very precise duties and jobs such as Relationships, Soul's Calling, Timing, Psychic/Healer, and on and on and on...

The best way to relate how they all work together is using the metaphor of the medical profession. Most people visit a general or family doctor because they have a well-rounded skill and know of little bit about everything. However, sometimes when knowledge and skill needs to be called upon outside of their expertise; they send you to a specific doctor such as a Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, etc. for your specific problem.

Who has Spirit Guides? We all do!! They are not just for some, but all of us. We have many throughout our lifetime; some stay our whole lifetime, some pop in-and-out, or some come to visit us once. They even change based on the decisions we make for ourselves.

Why do we have Spirit Guides?
To help us with our personal soul contracts and missions. Before we came here, we decided on certain experiences, interactions and relationships to master. They help and remind us of those choices, issues we desire to "lighten" up, assist us (behind the scenes) in creating our world, and guide us to where we want to go in this life and the next.

For example, I like to use the imagery of a maze. As you are on your journey, you come to a fork or path to go either left or right. You can only see what's in front of you, but your guides rests above and see the whole maze including the center; where you want to be. They see the best route to get there and send you impulses/intuitive signals to guide you.

How do communicate to us? Through our dreams, synchronicity or symbols. If you are wanting something more physical or concrete, you will have sensations or visceral reactions like angel bumps (goosebumps). Also, you can visit them yourself by raising your vibration (techniques from our first class of 2015) and meditate within.

The best way to work with your spirit guides is to start off with a "yes" or "no" question. Pick a one basic them or item per question. Remember to be honest and authentic and to focus on the energy of the question. Our thoughts and words carry vibration so you need to be clear; meaning mind, body and spirit completely focused on the question. For instance, if you are asking a question about pursuing a career, but you are focusing your energy on a situation you had with your partner; it will answer the energy pertaining to your partner.

Receiving information varies from person to person. It is dependent upon how our bio-energetic body interprets intuitive information. For example, if you know you are clairvoyant; you will receive your information through symbols, pictures and visions. Clairaudients would receive through songs, thoughts or voices in your head. Clarisentients would feel the answers and Claircognizents would know with surety and confidence at that particular moment.

How does your intuition receive? Use one of the clairs above, find a meditation specifically for meeting your spirit guide and journey on your own. Enjoy!

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