Our guest speaker for October was Vanessa Sandoval.  We've had the pleasure of having her at our sanctuary for several different classes such as Rocking the Universe with Crystals, Empath Class for Children, and Raise Your Vibration.  She accompanied us to the Parliament of World Religions later that month.  She is an active member and teacher to our community.  We are very grateful to have her.  Thank you, Vanessa!

This class focused Auras.  We learned about the different auric bodies; physical plane, bridge and spiritual plane.  Each plane holds auric layers.  The physical plane holds the current physical, emotional and mental body.  They are referred to as the etheric layer, emotional layer and mental layer.  The bridge holds the astral layer; thus, the body between the physical and spiritual realm.  The term one one's spirit travels between this bridge is called Astro-traveling.  It is the bridge of what indigenous cultures call dreamtime, journey, etc.  The spiritual plane contains the past physical (etheric template layer), past emotional (celestial layer) and the past mental (ketheric layer).  Each layer touches and flows into the next layer; thus, they are interconnected and effect each other throughout the body and chakras.  The energetic extension of the layers starts at the etheric layer which runs from 1/4-2" from your body.  Then, your aura extends up to 3 1/2' from your body at the ketheric template.  It has been said that one could sense Buddha's aura 6 miles away!

Those who can view the aura with the naked eye are picking up the energetic states of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our body processes through energy centers called chakras.  Each chakra governs an aspect of consciousness that reflect our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.  One way to practice viewing auras is to place your hand against a white background.  Also, you can practice by viewing someone against a background too for example your teacher during a lecture.  Relax your eyes and use your peripheral vision to gaze a few inches around the body.  You can see the haze, glow or outline around the body.  Personally, I like to look around the head for it is easier for me to view.  Some might see colors and other can see the outline.  Some people like to close their eyes and intuitively sense the color with their third eye.  If this is difficult for you, I recommend trying to train your eyes and brain development with Magic Eye books.  It helps with the coordination and relaxation of peripheral vision.

Feel free to write a comment about how you view auras and techniques that work for you.


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