Acts of Service

Acts of Service

One of our commitment and missions is being an Earth Angel and participating in random acts of kindness.  We become involved in community services to the Animal Kingdom, Humanity, and the Earth.  Below are organizations and business we have participated through.  In return, we support their vision as well.  They are supportive, open and accepting of our children and the group's mission.

If you would like to be an active volunteer, feel free to contact the link below.  All include the organization/business, location, and requirements.  Thank you for opening your heart and spreading your gifts.


Roos-N-More Zoo: Moapa, Nevada
Requirements:  Volunteers need to be 16 or accompanied by a parent.  Attend an orientation to become familiar with our organization and program.
Provided Reiki, energy and other intuitive work on exotic animals like monkeys, kangaroos, large cats, zebras, foxes, otters etc.
Contact Valeria Holt, DVM

McKee Ranch: Las Vegas, NV
Provided Reiki, energy and other intuitive work on all kinds of horses
Contact Cowboy Max

Henderson Saddle Association: Henderson, NV
Provided Reiki, energy and other intuitive work on horses
Contact Brenda West

V Animal Sanctuary: Henderson, NV
Provided Reiki, energy and other intuitive work on rescued farm or slaughtered raised animals
Contact Member Services

Gladius, The Show: Las Vegas, NV
Provided Reiki, energy and other intuitive work on their show performance horses
Contact Alethea Shelton


The Rotary Club: Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City, NV
"Adopt an Airmen for Thanksgiving"
Contact Janie Lynn:

Lifetime Movie Network "Ghost Inside My Child": Los Angeles, CA
Featured our group  on Season 2, Episode 5 with a family from Colorado
Contact LMN

Unity Center in the Valley: Las Vegas, NV
Allowed us to host an Animal Wellness Fair for walk-in animals.  We provided Reiki, Crystal Grids/Therapy and other intuitive work
Contact Sophia Falke

Scentsy:  Las Vegas, NV
Help support fundraiser by selling Scentsy Buddies which will be infused with Reiki
Contact Regina Woodson

Serving Our Children Foundation: Henderson, NV
Participated in packing food for homeless and at-risk children for their weekends away from school
Contact Dale Darcas

Sunrise Children's Hospital: Las Vegas, NV
Donated Aurora's Reiki Buddies to children                                                                                                                                                                                                 Contact Millicent Ongaco or Laura Gould

Josh Stevens Foundation: Las Vegas, NV
Assembled "Be Kind" bracelets and developing missions trip                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Contact Jennifer

Special Spaces: Las Vegas, NV
Remodel terminally ill children's bedrooms.  Everything counts to make that child smile!
Contact Hiro Kajiyama

Whole Foods: Las Vegas, NV
Ice Cream Social for the community
Contact Dionna Haas

Lucky Duck Family Festival: Las Vegas, NV
Join Positively Kids and other non-profit charities that benefit children at Town Square. vegas/teams/4119/
Contact Positively Kids Foundation



The Gifting Movement or The Human Gifting Project: Global
Created organizes to bury under cell phones towers and transform EMF energy                                                                                                    or
Contact Leslie Frazier:

Pledge to Plant - Earth Day
Contributors to plant and seed 1 billion trees on Earth and
Contact Christine Segal



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