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Earth Angels' environment is built on the 3 C's

Child Empowerment means to instill in children the confidence and provide support to live with their gifts.

Conscious Parenting means connecting parents to their own Spirit to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Community Support means we can't do this alone!

Our mission is to provide education for the mind, wholeness for the body, and sanctuary for the spirit.  The synergy of these principles will transform the world.

We visualize a world where all children are treated equally with kindness and inclusiveness,

  • A place where each child has unique abilities and gifts to offer the world without judgment.
  • A place where they are embraced for their differences and similarities in their vast understanding of consciousness.
  • A place where they leave renewed in spirit and hopeful for their future.

Welcome into our world...

Our community is very different from traditional educational systems. Each child is a unique creation. We seek to encourage their uniqueness of spirit without deconstructing their individual blueprint.

The children, today, are coming to us more awakened with a higher consciousness, a higher vibration and a higher purpose. They are more intuitive and more sensitive to the world around them.

At Earth Angels, we provide alternative and holistic schooling methods which include a strong emphasis on family unity, community nurturing, and living in harmony with all six senses.  We do this through...

Mindfulness Curriculum

Compassion Curriculum

Cultural Competency

Our deepest desire is to inspire every child, parent, and family dynamic entering through our doors. We seek to welcome every spirit and soothe every heart.  If our mission calls to you, please join us.


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